Hello friends,

  Even i know no one may read this blog entry but its my genuine interest to let u guys know how i feel when i arrived in Sydney. Its been great to live here is i precisely live in Pamulway, Parramatta NSW Australia the outside environment is lovely little colder these day now but the area looks like little hilly but is not actually... Everything is neat and clean not like Indian cities which are full of shit's everywhere .My day begins with resting whole day & watching TV and other sorts of stuff which means nothing...my contact number is +61 469753047

Most people Misspell my name as PARDEEP while correct spelling is PRADEEP Gaur
some even use Gour  but the correct one is GAUR
I am enjoying dappar a Lot !
ok Fuck it hit badly !  i started shaking on my chair at office !
Thanks Buddy for your comment!
hello every one welcome to my Blog


    Pradeep Gaur
    parramatta Sydney AUS

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